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10 Tips for Cruising on a Budget

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

1. Consider booking a cabin farther away from the main areas of the ship, such as the pool or buffet. These cabins are often cheaper and can still provide excellent views.

2. Take advantage of the onboard activities like movie nights, trivia contests, and dance classes to save money on shore excursions.

3. Pack food and drinks from home to save money on the cost of food onboard. Check with your cruise line to find out what item are allowed.

4. Look for discounts on the cruise itself. Many cruise lines offer discounts for booking early or for members of loyalty programs.

5. Look for discounted shore excursions online or consider planning your own on-shore activities.

6. Look for discounts on airfare and transportation to the port of embarkation.

7. Take advantage of onboard credit offers. Many cruise lines will offer onboard credits as part of their promotional packages.

8. Consider booking an inside cabin, which is usually the least expensive option.

9. Use coupons or promo codes when booking onboard purchases.

10. Take advantage of onboard discounts for spa treatments, shows, and other activities.

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